What We Believe

The Bible

We believe that the Bible (both the Old Testament and the New Testament) is the divinely inspired Word of God. We believe the Bible to be, not man’s account of his efforts to find God, but rather an account of God’s efforts to reveal Himself to man. The books of the Bible were written by human authors. Some are not even known. Nor do we know how God instructed or directed them to write these words down. But we assert that God did direct them and these books must be exactly what God wanted us to have, consequently without error. The Bible, composed by many authors, over a period of many centuries, is yet ONE BOOK. We accept the Bible as the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. Isaiah 40:8, Matthew 5:18, Matthew 24:35, Romans 15:4, Mark 12:36, John 14:26, John 16:12-15, Acts 1:16, I Corinthians 2:12-13, II Timothy 3:14-16, II Peter 1:20-21, I Samuel 22:31, Proverbs 30:5, Hebrews 4:12, Deuteronomy 11:18, Psalms 12:6, Psalms 119:60


We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is God’s only begotten Son and the only way of eternal salvation. God Himself became a man in the form of Jesus to give mankind a concrete, definite, tangible idea of what kind of Person to think of when we think of God. We believe Jesus lived a perfect life displaying God’s love to all mankind. Jesus performed many miracles during his Earthly ministry and demonstrated His authority over nature. Jesus was accepted by the people of the day but rejected by the religious leaders because He did not fit their image and expectation of what and who the Messiah would be. As a result, they plotted against Him and eventually crucified Him on a cross outside the gates of Jerusalem where He became the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world. Defying all laws of nature, He rose from the grave, met with His disciples numerous times in the days that followed, and assended to Heaven to be with His Father. John 3:16, Luke 19:28-40, Luke 24:1-10, Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-8, John 20:1-8, Luke 24:50-53

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the personality of the Holy Spirit. He is not an emotion of sentiment, but a thinking intelligence. He can be grieved, rejected, or resisted. He is the active and operative third person of the Trinity.


We believe that baptism is a command from God showing our obedience and submission to Him. We do not believe that baptism is any more important than faith, repentance, or good works. It is an important act of obedience commanded by Christ in order to receive salvation. In accordance to New Testament example we baptize by full immersion. Acts 2:38, Colossians 2:12, I Peter 3:21, Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:8, Mark 16:16, Acts 8:38


We believe that the communion or the Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Himself before departing this world. It was established as a memorial for us to remember the sacrifice that He made on our behalf on the cross. It is not a communion with one another, but with Christ. It is meant to be a time to build us up in Christ while reverently reminding us of His death for us. We learn from Paul that all who call upon the name of the Lord are eligibile to partake. Jesus gave it to His disciples and followers and has never taken it away from them. It is Lord’s table and is spread for His people. No man can righfully deny the privilege of another of God’s children the ability to observe this communion with God. We follow the example of the early church by observing the Lord’s Supper each Lord’s day that we gather for worship. Luke 22:19-22, Matthew 26:17-29, Mark 14:17-21, I Corinthians 10:16, I Corinthians 11:23 I Corinthians 1:1,2, Acts 2:42

The Church

We believe that the church is the Body of Christ. The Bible teaches that the children of God should be known simply as Christians. In the New Testament, followers of Christ were known only as “Christians.” The early church met on the first day of the week for prayer, fellowship, teaching, and the Lord’s Supper. We carry on that tradition yet today. Acts 2:42-44, Acts 11:26

Church Membership

Membership requirements at Athens Christian Church are the same terms as those in the New Testament. One must have faith in Jesus as the Son of God, demonstrate repentence from sin, and be baptized by immersion. If one has followed these New Testament commands and wishes to join in the fellowship of Athens Christian Church, they may do so by a statement of faith. Romans 10:9-10, Acts 2:28